Innovative methods of preparation, cleaning and painting of surfaces



Hydro-blasting is the method of cleaning the surfaces of various materials (eg steel, stone, cement, plastic and wood) through the jet of water from a special tool (gun) with extreme pressure. This process provides an excellent bonding surface for material repair and new coating applications. Moreover, it relies entirely on the energy of water striking on a surface to achieve its cleaning effect with no abrasive materials being involved. Consequently, with the problems of dust pollution and disposal of abrasives eliminated we have an environment-friendly alternative of sand-blasting.

Depending on the pressure ranges utilized, hydro-blasting is distinguished in four main categories:

1. Low Pressure Water Cleaning-LPWC

The low-pressure water cleaning (or washing down) refers to water pressures less than 340 bar (<5000 psi) and its aim is the removal of marine organisms and loose pieces of rust or paint, dirt and salt before applying the main cleaning process. It is not considered to be a method of preparation, but a surface pre-preparation before the main cleaning method is applied.

2. High Pressure Water Cleaning – HPWC

The high-pressure water cleaning refers to water pressures between 340 -680 bar (5000 – 10000 psi). With these pressures loose rust and paint in the hollows of the surface can be removed, but cannot achieve a uniform matte appearance.

Its applications are:

  • Removal of marine organisms from the hulls, which are not removed by low-pressure water jetting.
  • Selectively removal of layers of paint.
  • Light cleaning of rust and paint.

3. High Pressure Water Jetting – HPWJ

The high-pressure water jetting refers to water pressures between 680 -1700 bar (10000 – 25000 psi). In practice, the high-pressure water jetting can perform most tasks of cleaning and preparation of surfaces encountered in ship-repairing, ship- building or industrial environments.

4. Ultra HighPressureWater Jetting – UHPWJ

The ultra-high pressure water jetting refers to water pressures above 1700 and up to 3000 bar (25000 – 43500 psi). Some of the latest marine coatings require a surface preparation up to this level in order to achieve the ‘bare metal’ result or locally at some extreme cases when paintings with very strong adhesion, deep rust or calamine are encountered. Our company’s latest technology equipment covers this service both via guns/operators and ‘spider’ machines.

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